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Solution 1: Check the WiFi Security Settings

Solution 1: Check the WiFi Security Settings

  • Click on the Encryption option located under wireless section
  • Open the security mode drop-down menu
  • Look at the passphrase field and check that it must be entered on all devices wishing to connect through the Belkin’s Wi-Fi service.
  • Click the wireless icon on your taskbar and select the Belkin router from the persisting networks list. Enter the password when asked.
Source: http://www.itangelz.com/fix-no-wi-fi-access-on-belkin-router

How to Setup a Belkin Range Extender?

Belkin range extenders are devices that act as repeaters for the router’s wireless signal. They can also be set up without using cables and wires. They help in extending the coverage area of your existing router signal. Normally, your personal Wi-Fi transmits adequate and strong signal to every corner of your home but sometimes the range that your router provides is not enough or does not work, in that opting for range extenders is the best option. Moreover, the setup of the extender is quite easy, but if you are in hurry, then reach out to Belkin router customer service, where the technical experts will provide you the necessary installation and setup steps.

Source: http://www.itangelz.com/setup-belkin-range-extender